Three Faithless War-Bands of the Island of Britain:
  • The War-Band of Goronwy the Radiant of (Penllyn), who refused to receive the poisoned spear from Lleu Skilful-Hand on behalf of their lord, at the Stone of Goronwy at the head of Cynfal;
  • and the War-Band of Gwrgi and Peredur, who abandoned their lord at Caer Greu, when they had an appointment to fight the next day with Eda Great-Knee; and there they were both slain;
  • and the War-Band of Alan Fyrgan, who turned away from him by night, and let him go with his servants to Camlan. And there he was slain.

"Alan Fyrgan is an anachronism; he was a twelfth-century Duke of Brittany. His name may have replaced another which it resembled."--Jeff Davies.

Goronwy is the same as he who was Bloddeuwedd's lover in Math ap Mathonwy. Lleu Llaw Gyffes struck him down in return for Goronowy's murder of Lleu (it's a little confusing--read the story).

Peredur is the same of that story Historia Peredur ab Efrawg in the Mabinogion, the Welsh Perceval. He was a historical figure, though, later compounded with the figure of Pryderi to make what we now know as the Grail knight Sir Perceval. How Peredur met his end is sometimes disputed; I've seen it said that he died in the Battle of Catterick, as told in The Gododdin of Aneurin.

And as stated, Alan Fyrgan is out of place, especially if they claim he was at Camlann, King Arthur's last battle.

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