Three Fair Womb-Burdens of the Island of Britain:

Version One: found in the WBR/RBH.

Peniarth 50 Version:

  • Urien and Efrddyl, children of Cynfarch the Old, who were carried together in the womb of Nefyn uerch Brychan their mother;
  • The second, Owein son of Urien and Mor(fudd) his sister who were carried together in the womb of Modron daughter of Afallach;
  • The third, Gwrgi and Peredur and Ceindrech Pen Asgell ('Wing Head'), children of Eliffer and the Great Warband, who were carried together in the womb of Efrddyl daughter of Cynfarch their mother.

As seen, there are two versions of this triad, which while similar, offer somewhat differing opinions.

Of the first, we see the Sons of Cynfarch, Urien, Arawn, and Lleu, who in Arthurian Mythology become Urian, Auguselus, and Loth. It is important not to confuse Arawn and Lleu here with the Arawn and Lleu of the Mabinogion. These three brothers were kings of North Britain. Next, we see the children of the first brother Urien, in Owein and Morfudd. It is worth noting that their mother is listed as Modron, the goddess mother of Mabon ap Modron, the Celtic Apollo (for lack of a better definition in this short space). In Arthurian Myth, their mother is said to be Morgan le Fay, and Owein is called Yvain or Ewain. Morfudd is unnamed. Finally, we have the brothers Gwrgi and Peredur; the latter is a conflicting figure, one third historical cheiftain Peredur ab Efrawg/Peredur ap Eliffer, one third half-remembered god Pryderi, and one third Sir Perceval.

The second version is essentially the same, but lists Efrddyl as not only the sister of Urien, but mother of Peredur. In romance, this would make her the Widowed Lady of the Waste Land, and Arddun would be the sister who accosts Peredur/Perceval on his way to the grail castle. Of course, distinguishing British History, Celtic Myth, and Franco-Cymric Romance is nearly impossible by the time the Triads were transcribed.

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