An Indian film, also called Malli after its main character, who is played by the stunningly beautiful Ayesha Dharkar1. Malli is a 19-year old Tamil2 terrorist who accepts a suicide mission to kill a high-ranking diplomat with a bomb. The film follows her journey from a terrorist camp to the site of the assassination attempt, her training, and also the human issues of the family she stays with for the days before the attempt.

The film is well shot and quite intruiging, although the pace seemed a bit slow at times for my western tastes. Nonetheless I was quite taken with Malli's drama and her emotional struggle.

You might catch it at a local rep cinema, it's Tamil with subtitles.

1. She appeared in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones as Queen Jamillia.
2. I think. Politics is never very clear, as it is not the film's focus.

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