This is not one of Anne Rice's best books, but it is still good. It is the fourth book in the Vampire Chronicles. Lestat decides that he wants to be mortal and switches bodies with a malicious and sly man named Raglan James, who loves to steal. He is a natural born thief. James tricks Lestat and leaves him in the mortal body that Lestat loathes. During Lestat's stay in the mortal body, he rapes a woman, seduces a nun, and learns how horrible it is to be a mortal. With the help of his friend David Talbot, from the Talamasca, he regains his body and kills James(or so he thinks). Many other wonderful things happen in the book. I told you a few of them and now you all have to read the book for yourself, but before you do I recommend reading the first three books in the Vampire Chronicles.

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