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With Prometheus getting his guts ripped out on the hour by an eagle, Jupiter turned his attention to man. At the moment there were no women in the world (So how did they get more people? I dunno...) But otherwise, life was swell. So Jupiter and his fellow created a woman that would serve as the instrument of punishment for man. They created Pandora, a woman that would make your jaw drop and bring you to your knees with ther looks and charm. The gods sent her off to Epimetheus with a little box, warning her never to open it. Prometheus was warned by his brother never to take gifts from the gods, but he forgot all this upon seeing Pandora, and married her soon after.

One day while Epimetheus was away, Pandora's curiosity got the best of her. She just had to see what was in the box. So she went over and popped open the lid to take a peek. To her horror, all the evils, diseases, terrors, and mischief possible came flying out. Pandora tried to shut the lid, but when she finnaly did it was too late. She opend it up again to find, huddled at the very bottom of the box, hope. This would be the one thing that would help prevent man from completely destroying itself in the centuries that followed.

So everyone learned a lesson: Never do stuff that pisses of Jupiter. It can get you in a painful situation.

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