Name adopted by Louis XIV to refer to his frequent allegorical representation of Apollo. While Louis XIV can also be found represented in paintings and sculpture as Jupiter, Hercules and Neptune - it is the idea of The Sun King as vibrant, powerful, all seeing and (most importantly) all seen that was adopted as his prefered image.

Because of the particular importance Louis XIV placed upon image, this is not an insignificant element of his reign. Allegory had played an important role in visual and performace art throughout the early modern period, but prior to Louis' reign few kings had considered it as significant to their rule. The image of the king as dazzling (with the inherent connotation of overpowering brillance) became the accepted convention. This in concert with an increased, though not always overt, encouragement of competition amoung the nobility allowed Louis to entrap his rivals within a web of superficial concerns, taking attention away from his absolute rule.

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