The weary kindredman ran slowly through the field...little did he know of the small kobold waiting in the underbrush. The kindredman, named Mothgar, was fleeing from a small scale battle with the orcan man-beasts. The whole male side of his family was slain, spare him, but he slew the very last of the Orc-men, and was the sole survivor of the battle

As Mothgar trudged past the kobold's hiding place, the little creature slit both of his ankles precisly on a muscle. Mothgar fell and hit his head on a rock. Then as he slowly bled to death, The kobold stole his cheap beaded necklace and made off with it, eventually tried to eat it, and then died.

The moral is.... Who really won the battle?
Who really won the battle?

The chap who manufactures cheap beaded necklaces. If they are sufficiently attractive to kobolds that the creatures consider it worthwhile to ambush much larger, armed kindredmen for the sake of stealing them, the chap making them is sitting on a goldmine.

Granted, he might find his merchandise paid for in horrible, bloody sackings or the shrunken, dismembered heads of numerous kindredmen, but if he could devise a method to exploit the kobolds' attraction to the necklaces (kobold sweatshops, perhaps?), he would soon be sleeping on a pile of money with many beautiful women.

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