My girlfriend was giving me a ride back to my apartment earlier this evening, and on the way we were deeply involved in a rather technical conversation regarding Sabbat politics and internecine strife, specifically related to the Second and Third Sabbat Civil Wars. We're gamer geeks; game history and politics is infinitely more interesting than reality.

We were shocked into silence as we pulled into the parking lot outside my apartment building, for in the small square of grass that counted as a back yard we saw a rather well-crafted and anatomically correct phallus, about four feet high and a foot in diameter, complete with a pair of testicles beneath, made out of packed new-fallen snow. It extended its head toward the sky, with just a hint of downward tilt.

My girlfriend stopped Living Dead Bus for a moment, and stared. "Your neighbors... are insufferable." I quietly agreed, secretly finding the whole thing somewhat amusing, and admiring their craftsmanship.

These same neighbors were the ones involved in the Attack of the Neighbors from Next Door incident. Why am I not suprised?

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