An underwater rip-off of the Smurfs. Snorks come in multiple colors, live underwater, look identical, and have a sort of straw-looking thing on the top of their head which acts as the release for the exhalations.

The Snorks is a TV show from the mid-to-late eighties (1984-1989). They are something remotely similar to the Smurfs, only much much less popular. So much less popular that many people refuse to believe they exist.

The Snorks live in "Snorkland," a mysterious undersea world. There is a whole community of these creatures. They somewhat resemble the Smurfs in appearance, save for the fact that they have no nose. Instead of a nose, they have a snorkel type thing coming out of the top of their head. In my mind, this doubles as a nose. A nose with a functional purpose, though, because they blow air bubbles from this snorkelesque thing and it propels them forward.

To the best of my recollection, the show was about a student name Allstar and his girlfriend Cassie. There were countless other snorks, such as the spoiled rotten Junior, and loads of Mr. and Mrs., like the Kelps and the Seaworths. Actually, it might have been the Seaworthys. And there were the Wetworths, too. Over all, the best character is Occy, the pet octopus. Oh, they also had a Governor.

In spite of the fact that I haven’t seen the show since I was about three, I still remember the theme song, too:
Come along with the snorks
Swim along with the snorks
So much to see
Waiting for you and me
Have some fun with the snorks
Play along with the snorks
Sing along with the snorks
Happy we’ll be
Living under the sea
Come along with the snorks
If you could breathe underwater
Where would you go
If you had friends underwater
Who would you know
Come along
Sing along
Swim along too
Come along with the snorks
Swim along with the snorks
So much to see
Waiting for you and me
Swim along with the
Have some fun with the
Come along with the snorks.

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