I dreamt of the sun flying high in the heavens
With the moon on wings and clouds as a tail
While people stood tall with their arms raised high
Praying to the father and the mother of us all
When a mountain split and the sky burst open
And the air was filled by a rainbow of light
We were drenched in juices like the milk of the mother
And the strings of an orchestra shook in the night

We were shaking, we were laughing, we were wailing, we were dancing,
We were losing all the layers of illusion we were in
And the symbols of power that had kept us in bondage
Came crashing to the ground as we recognised their kin.
Every heart, every eye, every mind, every belly
Felt the forceful vibration of the archer’s bow
Vibrating in the oceans, resounding in the heavens,
As we left behind us all the things we thought we know

“Ooh! What a ripper! You been done up like a kipper
By some spiritual tripper!”, cried the missionary’s son.
But before the scene had ended, the plot had been suspended
By a character quite splendid, with a flower in his gun.
When the devil showed his face, by then half the human race
Had decided to forsake him for a villa in the sun.
As they dropped the final curtain, the chorus girls were flirting
And the critics are quite certain that the show will run and run.

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