This game by Infogrames is officially licensed Cthulhu product and done with Chaosium. It's not based on any H.P. Lovecraft story, but the theme is very similar to many.

It is quite old game (1993-4 or something) and the user interface is quite primitive - the original version had no mouse support! I recall there being a CD-ROM re-release. Anyhow, it was pretty good looking for an old game.

The plot was nice. Player, a reporter for some big science magazine, was sent to some small and sleepy New England village to investigate the passing of Halley's Comet - last time that happened, a famous scientist Boleskine saw something strange and died afterwards in mental hospital. Of course, true to the spirit of Lovecraft, the village is full of evil cultists worshipping their ancient gods - the Great Old Ones.

Before everything is over and the comet has passed, player must save the world from the evil cultists and their masters - there's even glimpse of dear old Cthulhu himself seen.

I like the game a lot, it's my favourite adventure game ever... Of course, replay value is small as always, but the story is good the first time. It's quite difficult game (or I'm poor player), but there is only one silly filler puzzle.

Another Cthulhu adventure game was made by Infogrames, it is called The Prisoner of Ice. It's not a direct sequel, but has some familiar persons and things from this game.

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