5972 Baum Boulevard
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15216
Owner, Justin Strong

Also known as: Pittsburgh’s chill spot.
Voted #18 of the 102 Best Things About Pittsburgh by In Pgh Weekly {www.inpgh.com}

When I was growing up, there was always some guy who had a basement rec room. The room was furnished in family cast offs like ugly torn plaid couches, and an easy chair or two. Of course, this kid always added his own sparkling furnishings such as: bean bag chairs, Budweiser Kings Of Africa Posters, a black light complete with naked lady posters and the most jamming sound system in a twelve block radius.

This is what The Shadow Lounge looks and feels like. It is an alcohol free, tobacco free home to Pittsburgh’s spoken word scene, cool underground hip hop shows, live jazz fusion, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian house music and The Pittsburgh Poetry Slam.

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