The story of Sinbad the Sailor can be found in Arabian Nights.

The First Voyage of Sinbad
To the Indian Ocean, where he and other crew members "go ashore" on a whale they think is an island.

The Second Voyage of Sinbad
He goes to a desert island where he finds a roc's egg and then goes to the Valley of the Diamonds.

The Third Voyage of Sinbad
He ends up at an island where a giant cannibal proceeds to slaughter and eat his crew, a la Odysseus. A similar revenge is exacted.

The Fourth Voyage of Sinbad
Sinbad is travelling again, but this time hits an island where a large feast is prepapred. His men pig out, and are turned into beasts for their greed. Because Sinbad did not gorge himself, he is invited to marry a princess, but trouble hits again when she dies and he has to observe the suttee. He's lowered into a cave with her corpse and seven loaves of bread and a pitcher of water. He survives by killing widows as they get lowered down and eating their bread, until he can escape.

The Fifth Voyage of Sinbad
His crew is killed (don't sail with Sinbad!) by vengeful Rocs after they smash a roc egg and cook the baby bird. Sinbad then has a run in with the Old Man of the Sea, whom he defeats, and then on to the City of the Apes.

The Sixth Voyage of Sinbad
His crew dies in a storm this time, and Sinbad is washed up on an island where there is a river. The bank of the river is covered in priceless gems, and rare exotic spices. Sinbad buils himself a raft, then sales back to Baghdad where he is received in honor by Haroun al Rashid, who commands that all of Sinbad's exploits be recorded in letters of gold.

The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad
This time Sinbad's hapless crew is swallowed by a huge whale. Sinbad escapes and makes a raft, with which he manages to get to yet another of the ubiquitous islands and sell the raft, which it turns out is made of sandalwood, for a big profit. He makes all sorts of friends with the people on the island, and marries one of the girls. All the guys on the island can fly for one day a year, which is cool until Sinbad finds out that the reason the guys can fly is that they are the brothers of Satan. So he and his wife flee back to Baghdad and settle down.

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