Classic Western movie, released in 1956. Directed by John Ford and written by Frank S. Nugent, based on Alan Le May's novel. Starred John Wayne as Ethan Edwards, Jeffrey Hunter as Martin Pawley, Natalie Wood as Debbie Edwards, Ward Bond as Reverend Captain Samuel Johnson Clayton, and Henry Brandon as Chief Scar.

Wayne stars in a rare villainous role as an Indian-hating Civil War vet who spends years searching for his young niece, played by Wood, who has been kidnapped by Indians. Though he starts out wanting to save her from captivity, he eventually realizes that after so many years with the Indians, she will identify with them and has likely taken an Indian brave as a husband, so he decides that he must kill her when he finds her.

"The Searchers" is usually considered to be both Wayne's and director Ford's best film, and is often called the greatest Western ever. Anyone who doubts Wayne's ability to portray less-than-heroic characters needs to check this movie out.

The film inspired the Buddy Holly song "That'll Be the Day", for Wayne's catchphrase.

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