The Scared Weird Little Guys are a popular Australian comedy and music duo.

The Scared Weird Little Guys (SWLG) are Rusty Berther and John Fleming. Originally members of the a cappella group “The Phones”, the two Melbournians formed their own comedy act when The Phones split up in 1991. The name is taken from an Al Pacino line in the movie Cruisin’.

The typical SWLG concert consists of Rusty and John singing various hilariously funny songs, most of which they have written themselves. They accompany their songs on many different instruments, mainly the guitar, but also the harmonica and the mandolin. The repartee that punctuates the music is off beat and witty (“…they send us money and we send them Koalas to make shoes out of. Oh, don’t worry. They only use the baby ones.”) and their songs cover topics ranging from the monarchy and Melbourne to Christmas and condoms.

The Scaredies began performing in Melbourne, doing several gigs at the renowned Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Since then, they have toured extensively in Australia, Canada and North America, with trips to the UK in there as well. In 1995 they were nominated for an ARIA award, and after several nominations took out the best comedy act at the MO awards. They have performed in many festivals and on television and radio, and can still be heard on the radio station Triple M in Melbourne. At one time they set the record for the fastest song composed, recorded, and CD produced and sold.

CD recordings include:

Bloody Jeff (Single) distributed through id Scared (Album) distributed through id The Macadamia (Single) distributed through Shock Records Death Lounge (EP) distributed through Festival Records Live at 42 Walnut Crescent (Album) distributed through Bellylaugh / Warner


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