So drunkenmonkey lives on the east coast and one day he decided to pack his bags and visit the west coast but when he got there he found out how flakey the west coast people can be about planning things like noder gatherings....


Saturday night finally some ideas were tossed about and some communication happened (this was at 9:30pm) and the beginnings of a plan were put in place. It was as follows:
1. Meet at 12:30 (that is noon thirty or half past twelve in the afternoon) at the 21st Amendment Brewery/Cafe (

2. ummmmmmmmmm ok well we were still working on 2. So far the ideas were:
eat some lunch
hang out with noders
So what happened you ask? Well The Half Assed Noder Meet wasnt half bad!!!!

We did indeed meet at the 21st Amendment and ate dot com style - little plates of pizza, salad and spring rolls, big glasses of beer, wine, coffee and milk.

Here is what I will tell about the people who came (I'll go girl boy girl):
Cipher - Cipher is an androgynous name and to preserve the anonymity Ill call the person by their screen name so you wont be able to tell the gender. Cipher is quite striking in the way of beautiful people who try not to be so amazing. Like Camren Diaz at the airport or George Clooney at the grocery store - you can put a baseball cap and no make up on them but they are still the most beautiful creatures you have ever seen. Ok now that cipher is blushing beet red probably glowing. Eyes are sparkling under punk rock hair. Cipher has something to say but ain't talking until you coax it out a little.

conform - Ok now take the picture you have in your head of conform and go head and get the head pencil. Turn it eraser side down and smudge out anything you think conform might look like. He does not conform. He has to wear glasses to filter out something - but I didnt ask to try them on - we just met. He is a man who thinks before he talks and after he listens. His golden sweater made me his friend as soon as I saw it. He is also a good and carefull driver.

drunkenmonkey - While neither drunk, nor a monkey, dm is exactly what you might think except warm it up with your brain photoshop filter. He has a light accent that makes him sound smart and kind - like a smart kind man from another country who grew up in his later years in North America. He is the only of us half asses who remembered his camera, he took pictures of every piece of city art we saw and I think he stole a few of each of us. He was the first on the scene and welcomed us as a host - a warm hug and a wink to the server for a round of drinks. I bet he would be a good magician or perl programmer.

Akasha - Fresh. She is a pink Hostess Sno-Ball all wrapped in clear cellophane and her expiration date is 2083. She is clear headed and ready for adventure. She is dressed for fight or flight. I highly suspect that she had toys in her bag - but I didnt get to see. She is doing her best to shock someone but the best she can muster is charmng us right out of our shoes. She chirps like a bird. Twitter cheep cheep miss lady! Her energy was infectious and made us want to RUN TO THE METREON! She saw someone she knew and hid.

lostandfound - His cool is effortless. He might be a wait a coolbot! I have an imagineing that he wakes up out of his bed and stands in a coolpod where his clothes are draped and various pieces of metal applied to hands and face (any other parts are his secret). He is a livewire he is all about the sleep deprivation he is all about the caffine he had been up for a million hours straight and I was a teeny bit worried about sending his red eye'd ass to drive home.... *breathe* The cool parts of this description will be a surprise to him.

mwa - what to say? I am, as the say in La France, an open book! We ate, we hung out, we took a walk, we enjoyed coffee and video games and each other and the day.

It was great.

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