The Royal Rolemodel

I personally greatly appreciate the Royal Families around the world (specifically: The Netherlands and Jordan). They represent The People, their culture (heritage in habits: language, dance, politics, etc).

The difference between a role model like Branson or Gates or Anthony Robbins or Nelson Mandela or The Dalai Lama and the royal families is the completeness of their approach. Former parties all focus (generally) on one specific issue; and not necessarily that of the "positive and good" of the past - giving hope for the future.

It is a life of grandeur; great visibility and public scrutiny, no real privacy. You life is pre-destined, you have little choice. I personally do not regard their royal status as one of 'above' The People - they represent and are our humble servants.

If one was to think of the cost of all societies in the world to create and maintain role models with such potential positive impact, not only by their personal appearance, but their castles, art, etc.

If you where to be paid their 'income' and allowed to use their estates, would you be able to keep up ? Would you withstand the moral dilemma's, the public exposure while opening shows, parties, buildings or stand before the entire nation and take its responsibilities (political and international representation, etc).

I vow to protect my servants, my role models, for they offer me a vivid representation of my heritage, the morals that are worthwhile, the lifestyle I pursue, etc, etc, etc. And all this costs me what ? Near to nothing, literally !

Think about your life, could any president or dictator or boss be such a role model to you ? Could you keep your emotional contact even when they are out of office, out of the publics eye ?

I choose role models like Albert Einstein, the royal families, Buddha and the likes. Their message stands and will guide me throughout my life, always allowing me to grow - to what ever heights I might rise.

All hail the King and Queen !

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Please note this is an original writeup by Sir PK, written for my company's internal newspaper.

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