Three carbon-copies of the Powerpuff Girls. They are created by "snips, snails, and puppy dog tails" by Mojo Jojo from a rather ... suspicious form of Chemical X. They are evil, and one of the few villains that manage to get the better of the Powerpuff Girls. Their demise is that of complete and utter disgust as the Powerpuff Girls follow Ms. Bellum's arch suggestion: to try being nice. Ah, to be defeated by a mere kiss ...

Their names and "twins" to the Powerpuff Girls are:

Boomer - Bubbles. Boomer has no pigtails, and his hair sticks out somewhat at the sides.

Brick - Blossom. He does not have long hair or a bow, but sports a backwards red baseball cap instead.

Butch - Buttercup. Instead of the flip black hairdo, he has a small ponytail.

Their outfits are not the Powerpuff's endless colorized dresses, but suits. They don't wear Mary Jones shoes, but sneakers instead. They also are evil, and much more gruffer and underhanded than their "sisters."

Peculiarly enough, Cartoon Network cannot seem to decide on the spelling of these three's communal name -- "Rowdyruff Boys" turns up 8 hits on, while Rowdy Ruff Boys gives 171 (though many of them seem to be unrelated to the characters at all). Google turns up 652 for the former and 669 for the latter, including the two-word spelling on both Barnes & Noble and Scholastic's descriptions of The Powerpuff Girls Ruff `n´ Tuff Tattoo Book (ISBN 0-439-16016-2) even though the one-word spelling is used on the commercially available videotapes.

In the cartoon, Mojo Jojo means to create evil little boys to fight the Powerpuff Girls, but he is in prison at the time and doesn't have access to Chemical X, with which the girls were given their superpowers -- he has to use what he's got. Therefore the boys are actually created from armpit hair, escargot, a puppy's tail, and the contents of the prison toilet. This may explain why they try to beat Mojo up before he explains to them that the girls deserve the animosity more.

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