My grandfather ran away to sea in Sweden, when he was only 13 yrs old. I'm 61 and he died in about 1956 in his seventies.

The very first sailing boat he was on as a lad was The Robert McKenzie which was built in Scotland and sank off Jutland in 1903. He knew every rope from shinning up as a lad, I reckon in the 1890's. We lived with him in Brisbane , Australia in the 1950's and he made a carved model of the ship - 5 square sails on the two main masts and 3 triangular sails on the bow. And it has a small mast at the back with a Swedish not a Scottish/UK flag. My husband just re-housed this model in a modern perspex case.

I read a post from 2003 about this boat. I wonder if anyone else knows any more about the boat.

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