(German: Der aufhaltsame Aufstieg des Arturo Ui) Play by Bertolt Brecht completed in 1941.

Brecht's play that draws parallels with Hitler's rise in Germany. Set in 1920 Chicago, Brecht modeled the plot and characters on Al Capone’s mafia rule in order to demonstrate the dangers of both National Socialism and fascism.

In the Play             In Real Life
Ernesto Roma Ernst Röhm (SA Chief) Giuseppe Givola Joseph Goëbbels Emanuele Giri Hermann Göring Old Dogsborough President Hindenberg Ignatious Dullfeet Dollfuss (Chancellor of Austria) The Cauliflower Trust East Prussian Landowners The Warehouse Fire The Reichstag Fire Dock Improvement The East Aid Scandal Roma's Murder The Night of the Long Knives Chicago Germany Cicero Austria

The Play
In Chicago a sales crisis has brought the cauliflower trade down. Arthur Ui, a gangster boss, offers his help to the Cauliflower Trust: his people can force the small dealers to buy these addictive vegetables.
The Trust however already asked help from the honourable Dogsborough's: he has asked a loan the from the City for supposedly constructions of new docks.
Dogsborough succeeds in getting the loan for the Trust. Ui's men, disappointed, ask Arturo to take action. Arturo, who found out about the loan, confronts Dogsborough with the facts of the loan and promises him protection from police raids. Dogsborough, who beliefs he can take care of the upcoming scandal himself, throws the maffia boss out of his house.
When an official investigation has started to find out where the loan has gone, Dogsborough is forced to cooperate with Ui. Ui makes sure that all the testimonies are killed and his man are taking over the protection of the cauliflower business.
However, the small shop owners see no reason to pay for their protection. To make sure that these merchants are backing him, Ui orders Giri to set a warehouse on fire. An unemployed Fish is found quilty. Finally the small shop owners pay their tribute to Ui.
After settling the internal matters, The Trust is working with the city Cicero to expand their cauliflower business. However, the newspapers' editor, Dulfleet, doesn't want to do anything with the Trust's gunmen and rowdies.
Roma asks Ui to get rid of Givola and Giri, who are collaberating with the Trust: it seems that the Trust finally wants to compromise Ui with Dogsborough's testament and get rid of him.
Ui first agrees, but then changes his mind and kills Roma and his followers. Parting from Roma's ideas, Ui finally looks acceptable in the Trust.
In Givola's flowershop, he makes contact with Dullfleet and his wife. Dullfleet still has reservations towards the Cauliflower Trust. Ui finally eliminates Dullfleet and at his funeral he offers his wife protection.

The International Brecht Society

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