A celebrity impersonation show which aims to recreate a performance by members of the Rat Pack during their heyday. Written and produced by David Cassidy, it is as of this writing playing at the Congo Room of the Sahara Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Yes, the Congo Room. Cool or what?

We went for the first time this past weekend. Our tickets were taken by a silver-haired maitre d' in a tuxedo, who guided us to another tuxedo-wearing gent named Eddie who was to seat us. I tipped Eddie a fiver, a practive which sadly you don't see much anymore in Vegas showrooms. Everyone thought it was really cool, and to be honest, pulling off an old school move like that was the high point of my entire vacation.

The show itself was quite good. The performers who impersonated (impressionated?) comedian Joey Bishop and Frank Sinatra were the best - 'Frank' was easily the best singer of the bunch and when the light caught him just right the resemblance could be uncanny. The show's Sammy Davis, Jr. didn't sound much like Sammy but captured his manic energy, and their Dean Martin playfully interacted with the audience in a way that you could iamgine the real Dino doing.

The danger of these types of shows is that they remind you of how great these performers were as compared to the guys up on stage pretending to be them, but overall I'd say this is one of the better times to be had in Vegas. Plus the tickets are reasonably priced at something like thirty-five dollars. I say the next time you're in Sin City you get yourself a ticket, dress to the nines, and swing, baby!

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