The Rape of the A*P*E*: The Official History of the Sex Revolution 1945 - 1973: The Obscening of America: An R*S*V*P* Document. by Allan Sherman, 1973, Playboy Press. Out of print.

(A.P.E. : American Puritan Ethic
R.S.V.P.: Redeeming Social Value Pornography)

Very entertaining. I laughed aloud, I sobbed softly. The main thrust of Mr. Sherman's humorotic thesis is that way back in pre-history, some sap invented thinking during sex ("thinkery-fuckery"), and ever since then, we have only been half-fucking. Thinking gets in the way of sexual pleasure. History has seen such dubious innovations as sexual taboo, societal and governmental and religious moderation of sexual practice, sex as a right or as a weapon. He sees the sexual revolution as a struggle to get back to a less think-ridden fuck... And it does seem that many of the ugliest recurring scenes in daily life stem from sexual perversion, intolerance of others' sexual orientation, confused sex roles, sexual jealousy/possessiveness, on and on. Despite (or perhaps because of) my decidely traditional and conservative sexual ethic, this book inspires a sad longing for a kinky The Lathe of Heaven twist where we are all polygamous, hermaphroditic, openly and casually sexual.

Social commentary and self-exploration aside, Rape' is also a treasure trove of trivia about the sexual revolution, with a novella-length allegory of the development of sexual angst from pre-history to the modern era.

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