Colin stood on the rooftop of Arcast Technologies. In his hand, he held a small cube with a mechanical button on the top.

Behind Colin was the door to the inside stairwell for the building. Leah came out from the door to meet Colin.

"So?" Leah said.
"Haven't touched it yet." Colin said.
"Why not?" Leah asked.

"I was waiting for you." Colin said, as he started walking away from the stairwell door.

At this time of day, most people would be heading home from work. But Colin's workday had yet to start. The sky was a dark orange, with the sun slowly approaching the horizon. In the background was the Pinnacle City Industrial district, with the rest of the city's view obscured partially by a thin layer of smog.

"Be careful. Don't go near the ledge." Leah said.
"I'll be alright. Just wanted to get a closer look." Colin said.

Colin took a deep breath and took in the sight that was before him - a snapshot of everything the city had to offer, from the traffic on the highway to the smallest hint of families getting ready for their evening in the suburbs beyond the lesser skyscrapers. The sight would be a postcard if he had anyone to mail it to.

"What does it look like to you, Colin?"
"Honestly, Leah? It looks like I should've picked the morning shift."

Leah laughed for a moment.

"Maybe, maybe. Y'know what it looks like to me?"
Colin gave a blank stare.
"Progress." Leah said.
"How so?" Colin said.

Leah pointed at the buildings directly below their line of sight.

"None of this was here 15 years ago. Further back, even less was here. My father and my brother started this company in 1980. The industry was very different, but we did our best to switch things up while changing with the times. We still do. We have the best damn employees on the planet. And all of those employees made the device you're holding in your hand possible."

Leah pointed to the cube in Colin's hand.

"So... What is it, anyway?" Colin asked.

Leah pointed to a spot in the middle of the rooftop.

"Go there." Leah said. Colin obliged.
"And?" Colin asked.
"Press the button." Leah said.

Colin stared at the device for a moment.

"What does it do?" Colin asked.
"Don't worry about it. Press it." Leah said.

After a second or so of hesitation, Colin pressed in the button, which made a quiet but very satisfying -click- sound.

A bright light came from the cube, along with a faint whirring. That whirring got louder and louder.

Just before it became unbearable, it stopped.

"Colin?" Leah called out.
"What the hell was that?" Colin asked.
"That was a success." Leah said.
"Yeah, but what was it?" Colin asked, still confused.

Leah hugged Colin from behind.

"More progress." Leah said.

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