A new ride at cedar point. it has two variations, on one tower you are shot upwards 250 feet at fast speeds and then you are droped at the pull of gravity. the second variation is that you enjoy a nice ride to the top of the 250 foot tower and then PUSHED downwards at approx. twice freefall speed.
when you get off this ride 20 minutes later you still feel like your falling.

One of the bigger combinations of Space Shot and Turbo Drop towers. The tower itself is 300 feet tall, and at the time it was built, was the tallest thing in the park. It has since been surpassed in height by the Millenium Force. Riders can go up to 240 feet in the air. This is only one that has four towers together. All similar rides in the nation have only three towers at maximum.

The towers are white, and at the top the four curve together and meet at a point. There's also a horizontal section near the top, where the name of the ride, and "Cedar Point", are mounted. Inside the towers are large air hoses, colored to the type of ride on the tower. The cars go around the outside of the tower, and the seats are attached to and stick out from the metal sheets that make up most of the car. There is no floor, ceiling, or anything that can be considered a wall, so you feel rather open as your arms and legs dangle.

Two of the towers do the "Space Shot". The car, when loaded, starts floating a couple feet above the ground while the compressed air system that runs the ride charges. Then, without warning, you are shot up the tower, reaching about 250 feet. When the car starts falling back down, the air in the tubes compresses, and you bounce back up part of the distance. This happens a few times, then the car is lowered back down to the ground. The cars and air tubes are colored red.

The other two do the "Turbo Drop". The car is loaded, then slowly (or maybe a little faster than slowly) ascends up to the top. There is a delay, then, without warning, the car is shot down at about twice freefall. Once again, the air compresses, and you bounce up and down a few times. The cars and air tubes are colored blue.

Power Tower also exists at Valleyfair! amusement park but in a slightly different form than the one at Cedar Point. The Minnesota version of this thrill ride has three legs and a triangular pyramidal crown and claims to be the tallest combination tower (has at least one of rapid drop and one of rapid ascent) ride in the nation. This record is controversial because the Cedar Point towers have a taller crown at 300 ft while the Valleyfair! tower crown is at 275 ft, but the actual ride at Cedar Point will only allow a 240 foot drop or ejection whereas the experience at Valleyfair! will reach 250 ft. Due to popularity and ride timing for the Turbo Drop towers, they outnumber the Space Shot Tower 2-to-1 in Minnesota. Both Power Towers were built by S&S Power of Logan, Utah.

The Valleyfair! tower is isolated on an island in the middle of the park and also gives a nice view of the corkscrew roller coaster below. And a suspension bridge entry/exit also provides theming to the ride.

While many people believe that the Valleyfair! executives simply stole the ride name from Cedar Point for convenience and marketing costs, there are some interesting points which may debunk this theory. In September 1999, Valleyfair! employees were offered a contest that would award a free t-shirt to the employee who could conjure the best name for the new unnamed ride (whose specifics had already been revealed to park employees at that point). Idiotically, an employee entered the ride name Power Tower after the similar ride that already existed at Cedar Point. This employee managed to win the contest, and a seasonal rides supervisor added the tagline "250 feet of extreme scream" which allowed a more edgy image for the ride. Furthermore, Valleyfair! improved the ride logo with a new fantastic font and moved the explosion lines to the perimeter of the logo.

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