In the fictional world of Glorantha, a "mystery cult of dragon worship". The cultist seeks to learn a set of (Divine) spells that will (temporarily) transform them into a dragon. Due to the number of spells involved, and the mechanics of learning and casting them, it should take many years in campaign time for the character to be able to attain "complete" dragon form for more than a half-hour or so.

Immanent Mastery originated in the Eastern empire of Kralorela. The Jrusteli infiltrated and perverted the cult during the Godlearner wave of conquest. When the Powers of Glorantha conjoined to purge this menace, those Godlearners who had abused the powers of Immanent Mastery were faced with their inner dragons, and so were destroyed.

While the official state religion of the Empire glorifies the Emperor Godunya, Immanent Mastery is a popular cult among commoners. Godunya suggests it is a false path of illusory Enlightenment, but there is no public suppression of the cult. Indeed, the Imperial Guard is composed of warriors who have mastered many of the transformative spells.

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