It all started when I found myself in my tenth grade pre-algebra class looking down at page 156 of our text book. There he was, Robert K. Adair, the man who had furthered the science of baseball and of the mathematical phenomenon known as the parabola. He devised the theory that every time a baseball is thrown or any object it follows a parabolic path. This sunk in with me as a kid (seeing how I was thrown around a lot by school bullies). Every where I turned I began to see parabolas in my life. I went to use the rest room and I noticed how my urine followed this same path as the baseball. Relationships with girls seemed to follow this same path for me. Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, and then girl breaks up with boy. All too common for me. The parabolas in my life continue to plague me everyday. It was that day in math class that I started to become bored with school and life in general. I started to know the outcome of all my actions. Everything I do is going to follow some mathematical theory and end up in the dirt. Thanks a lot Robert K. Adair for ruining my life.

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