The Outback Solar Eclipse Festival is to primarily be a Psy-Trance festival in line with other bush doofs, (such as Earthcore). From the 3rd-6th of December 2002, a massive exodus of Psy-Trance (and festival) enthusiasts will form a Burningman style village in the middle of the Aussie desert.

The event is to take place in Lyndhurst (South Australia), where for 42 seconds on the 4th of December spectators will observe a total solar eclipse. This area was chosen, not only for its position in the line of totality, but also for its beautiful landscape (as it is here, where the Flinders Ranges meets the dusty red outback).

Psy-Trance DJ’s are said to be coming from all over the world, as are many of the festival-goers themselves. There will also be visual art exhibitions, theatre and performances by local Aboriginies. This should prove to be very interesting, as several cultures (eg. Japanese, Polish, South African) will come together to not only celebrate the natural phenomenon of a solar eclipse, but also their mutual love of music.

It should be a fantastic experience for all involved.

Although, I hope a dingo won’t eat my friends.

For more information, click on the following link:

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