Sadly and tragically - on the morning of July 12, 2016 a gunman with an assault rifle entered the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida and started shooting. It's the worst massacre in US history, with 50 dead and 50 more injured. The bloodbath ended when SWAT came in and took him out, and he died secure in his twisted idea that he's a martyr and is going directly to Jennah.

Tributes and well wishes and prayers came from all sides. Blood donations are through the roof, with long lines waiting to give blood.

Unfortunately, the politicisation of the event was almost as rapid. Bernie Sanders, for one, blamed America's gun culture before the bodies were even cold, calling for a gun ban. This was echoed by many, including Bill Maher. Hillary Clinton jumped immediately to #notallmuslims and Obama said this whole affair was "our fault".

The real bump came to Donald Trump, even though none of his policies would have helped. The shooter's parents came from Afghanistan 30 years ago, and the shooter was an American citizen. He was also trained in weaponry as part of a private security/mercenary firm. That being said, the young man made racist and hateful statements at work, threatening to kill people. The FBI knew about him, he was on their radar. One of the people who worked with the shooter said that they warned upper management about him, but they didn't want to seem "politically incorrect" by taking the normal, usual punitive and pre-emptive steps because he was a Muslim with dusky skin.

His father had a public access TV show in which he praised the Taliban and went to a mosque where the imam talked about the death penalty for gays in the Koran and so forth, but you know what? Let's teach the guy to fire an AK-47 really well, so that we aren't accused of being a little bit racist. And that feeds into a larger zeitgeist. Hillary doesn't care about you. Obama blames you. Trump on the other hand, will tell the Saudis to piss off, the Chinese we're taking our jobs back, and the people who hit rallygoers with rocks because they demand full citizenship just for being Mexican are going on the other side of a huge wall. And no Muslim will be let in until we know for SURE they aren't the same ISIS plants that are wrecking Europe. Cause remember folks, you make the tiniest slightly politically incorrect joke about a woman or a gay person, and you're fired, but Abdullah over there can openly talk about killing them, and not even the FBI wants to know. The New America of Hillary and Obama is against you and for anyone else. Free college for illegals, you fend for yourself. Kid gloves for a known ISIS sympathizer, you have to walk on eggshells.

It's not as though the other side isn't memeing hard on the whole thing. Trump got a swarm of congratulations about "being right" on Twitter and took to it saying I don't want congratulations, let's move forward and make America safe. Which was re-reported by left wingers as "Trump pats self on back." They've also reminded people that the conservative movement keeps putting out anti-LGBT legislation and jail times in Alabama for not using the restroom of the gender you were assigned at birth and so forth - and that the chickens of their hate have come home to roost. And they DO have a valid point.

It'll be interesting to see how the chips fall. If you'd told me that quite a few gay people would be openly supporting the Republican party, and the right wing conservative pundit for the new generation is a screamingly gay power bottom 10 years ago I'd have laughed. This could flip either way - either people will get tired of guns and call for more control - the Supreme Court just ruled you don't have an inherent right to concealed carry as an example - or they'll succumb to their fears and vote in isolationism and big programs, just as how Bush the Second got a carte blanche to put in PATRIOT and the TSA.

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