Chapter 1

Perhaps you have asked yourself, "Who or what is TRAN?"

BLASPHEMOR!!!!! Even to ask such a question is punishable by death!! To pretend to visualize the infinite is self deception and hallucination worthy of shock therapy. For though the flux bends, and discontinuities hint towards that which we know as TRAN, even a vortex of thookfull dimensions cannot invert this singular matrix. As the 2 dimensional One said "And yet what of TRAN?". Submit to TRAN, you defiler of all that is NG in the multi-LaPlacian thook space!! Mezmorisms of TRAN began at (0,0,0), t=0: the umblezi time. At this time, the great Hutu macheteman known as Umblezi TRANfully decided that all Tutsis were anti-TRAN and worthy of having their skulls cleaved by crude instruments. Praying to TRAN from his monkeyland banana tree pyramid, known by all peoples as the "Temple of Genetrash", Umblezi sought wisdom from the almighty TRAN in order to optimize his Tutsi skull cleavage. The benevolent TRAN did bestow upon Umblezi a disturbing vision. A truly cave-like Viet-Thook appeared, more monkeylike than any genetrash yet spawned. The Viet-Thook did say, "End the DNA sequencing associated with Tutsi genetrash. Their 34 th glycerol code, located on gene 47 of the X chromosome and following the amino acid sequence G-G-Ly-Rh manifests itself in the manufacture of proteins associated with racial impurity. Only by eliminating the carriers of such DNA by machete cleavage can you serve TRAN". Upon finishing these words the Viet thook manifested, by the power of TRAN, an SKS of 7.62mm caliber, and promptly blew his brains out. Umblezi did promptly feast upon the neural material and support materials. Such are the ways of TRAN. Only by following the way of THOOK can TRANISM be contemplated!!!

NG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

--- End Transmission ---
This is a textfile, origins unknown, which attempts to dissertate the concepts of Tran, and nG, which are commonly discussed (if not understood) ideas on the Australian LAN Scene - particularly the oldschool QuakeWorld players on the East Coast (see also I don't fully understand it myself, but have avoided asking what it means for fear of being, well, crucified.

If somebody wants to enlighten me, however, you're more than welcome :)

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