This is of course, not the original Winnie the Pooh, but the one that still airs on certain networks, it is the Disney version. Some would argue it loses something that the original had, they're probably right, but I still think it's immeasurably cute, and it has this catchy uplifting theme song. I had my brother record it from the tv once and converted it to mp3, so I can listen to it those mornings when I need a pick-me-up. Here are the lyrics, for your reading pleasure.. I'm not sure who wrote them.

i gotta get up
i gotta get going
i'm going to see a friend of mine
he's round and he's fuzzy
i love him because he's just

pooh bear
winnie the pooh bear
lookin' for fun
chasin' some honey bees
pooh bear
i know he's out there
rumbly tumbly
climbin' a honey tree

fun never ends for us
we're so adventurous
'least every now and again
and when we're alone
and there's nobody home
it's nice to be able to
count on a friend like

pooh bear winnie the pooh bear
wherever you go
oh won't you take me please
pooh bear i gotta be there
it's me and it's you

my silly old winnie the pooh..

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