This episode is primarily responsible for most of the modern Star Trek Erotic Fan Fiction Cliches. It features Troi flirting with Riker, Dr. Crusher making some rather bold advances on Picard, intoxicated Tasha hanging in Troi's apartment, commenting how beautiful she is etc.

The funniest thing has got be the scene where Tasha asks Data whether or not he is "Fully functional". Data assures her he is just that, and to top things off, he is also programmed in "Multiple techniques of pleasure", after which they get it on (this android seems to dream about more than just electric sheep...). Much of this scene was later revisited in Star Trek: First Contact, where the Borg Queen asks Data pretty much the same questions.

Other than the erotic overtones, the episode also features one of the worst cases of "Wesley Crusher saves the day"-syndrome. I mean really, are we to believe that a young brat like Weasley is supposed to come up with a solution that has escaped the senior officers of the ship? He then goes on to modify the ship's tractor beam, making it push instead of pull (by pressing just a few buttons, this wasn't supposed be even possible before), and pushes the starship Tsiolkovsky in the way of an incoming stellar fragment. And some people wonder why many Treknologists hate Wesley...

Another interesting note is that the cure to the Intoxication Syndrome affecting the crew is discovered using the old medicine they came up with in The Naked Time in the original series, and they even mention Kirk's name (something that didn't happen in TNG since then until Relics (TNG)). This was actually the second episode of The Next Generation, so I guess the producers thought that people needed something familiar to connect with.

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