The first ever media campaign by the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States of America bears the slogan, 'Information Security Begins With You!' The campaign is an attempt to promote awareness of the importance of data and information as intelligence to those who are considered 'enemies' of the United States (namely, Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups). The NSA's target audience for the campaign is military personel who have access to sensitive information. Posters are to be hung in in key locations on U.S. military installations across the world. Additionally, it is probable that the propaganda (note: it is possible to have good propaganda) will be printed in Military Times Media Group publications, such as The Army Times, Navy Times, Air Force Times, and the Marine Corps Times.

The Information Security campaign is a first for the notoriously secretive NSA. Like all aspects of the NSA's budget, the cost of this media campaign remains classified.

NSA Representative Speaks
"The objective of the campaign is to underscore the critical need for information security to the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces. Part of NSA's mission is "information assurance," the protection of the communications and information systems of the U.S. Department of Defense and its allies. To achieve this goal, we use a "Defense in Depth" strategy, a balanced focus on three primary elements: people, technology and operations. This campaign is one small part of the training and awareness for the "people" component. Unguarded information can be a valuable source of intelligence to our enemies. The increased threat of terrorism has intensified the demand for our military personnel to remain vigilant and alert, always on guard protecting information that our enemies could use to undermine our national security and harm the nation. This campaign is a visible reminder of this crucial responsibility."

Small images of four different posters have been released. They each include an American serviceman (one of which is a woman) from the three branches of the military plus the Marine Corps, each with other patriotic/military objects in the poster. They are painted, in a style similar to that seen in many American propaganda posters of World War II (perhaps hoping to capture some of the strong spirit and dedication that many Americans felt during that war). The posters were designed and printed by Trahan, Burden & Charles, an advertising/media firm from Baltimore.

Below the 'Information Security Begins With You!' slogan, the text of the posters each reads:
"The success of America's campaign against terrorism depends on you. Don't help America's enemies plan another attack. Use secure communications when discussing classified or sensitive information. Handle and discard memos, documents, correspondence and emails appropriately. Practice good computer security when accessing the Internet. Our enemies are unlike any we've enountered before. Don't arm them with information that can harm us."


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