In 1678, in Hertfordshire, England, an argument took place between a landowner and a farmer, who was being paid to mow the owner’s field. The farmer was unhappy with the price that the landowner was offering to pay to have his field mowed. So, deciding that he was not going to mow the field, the farmer stormed off yelling: "Then you best have the Devil mow it for you."* The next morning, the landowner found that in his field, a circular shape had been mowed. Soon after, a pamphlet was published that depicted a devil with a scythe mowing a field, suspecting supernatural forces had, in the night, cut circular patterns into the field.

This was one of the first reported and documented "crop circles". It is to this day unknown as to if this was done by the angry farmer as revenge, or by aliens from a distant planet, trying to make contact with earthlings. This "phenomenon" is relatively well known throughout England, but is more well known within crop circle chaser communities.

To see a picture of the actual pamphlet that was released, visit:

*This was not what the farmer said verbatim, rather, it is the general gist of what he said.

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