The mouse chased the cat and the owner who owned them said to the mouse, "Good mouse! Good mouse!" "Thank you for chasing that cat away, mouse. I'll give you a medal for doing that!"

And the cat said, "Meow! Meow! I was supposed to chase the mouse. I should get the medal."

And now the mouse called the police. And then they came there to the mouse's home and the mouse told the police to take the cat to jail. So they did. And then they hopped into the car and drove away to the judge. And soon they were there. Then the policeman walked the cat to the judge. And, the judge made the cat stay in jail behind bars. And pretty soon the cat said, "Please let me out of here, mouse, wherever you are."

And then the cat said, "Where is that mouse to let me free?"

And then the mouse showed up. Then the mouse let the cat free. And then they lived happily ever after.

          -- _Yup, age 5.

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