tomorrow if the
weather is right boss you can
turn on the garden hose and
i will finally get to shower
it has been a long july i am
on a quest to find out
where mehitabel
has landed
i have been interviewing
a large part of the
insect population around here
but no one has seen
anything unusual
however there are
rumours that something
big is going on
insects are like
humans in many ways the
ones who are least invested
in the revolution
always talk about it
sanford the spider says
the modern age is causing
a shift away from
traditional values well boss
i do not like to call myself
a liberal or a
conservative cockroach
those are
human designations a
cockroach is only interested in
the distinction between
a dead cockroach and
a live one but
all the mosquitoes i know
are still laying their
eggs in stagnant pools
if change is going
to come i wish it would
announce itself instead of
sneaking around
boss i sometimes
miss the way mehitabels
claws used to
come down on the table
it was frightening but you
always knew when it


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