Usually when you hear Power Rangers, it brings back the joyful memories of multicolored tights-wearing super heroes fighting anthropomorphic enemies in gigantic robots while still having time to balance their mediocre and generic teenage social lives. True American heroes in anyone's eyes, for years it was the dream of all children to be a Power Ranger.

But what these children didn't know is that being a Power Ranger comes with a heavy price. And since many people still might not know about it, I'll fill you in on the not so mighty Curse of the Power Rangers.

The condition of this curse is that any actors taking part in the Power Rangers universe run the risk of horrible hardships ruining their lives. Anything goes, from murder to disease to death.

Victims of the Curse

Thuy Trang

(born December 14, 1973) or as you know her the almost always Asian Yellow Ranger. The Mighty Morphin Curse struck Trang in the form of a car crash 7 years after leaving the show. Was it Power Rangers related? Did Trang have a vivid flash back of a Putty Patroller attack and cause the driver to lose control? We may never know. Sadly Trang's death and any chance of an investigation of a curse quickly faded into obscurity, as 9/11 took place only 8 days later.

Walter Emanuel Jones

(born November 30, 1970) played the ruff and tumble, in your face Black Ranger. Taylor lost his middle finger during the filming of the show. Taylor seems to have escaped the worst of the curse, however he is forever deprived of giving "the finger" to annoying fans that constantly point out the irony of the black guy playing the Black Ranger.

Austin St. John

(born born September 17, 1975) played the popular Red Ranger. St. John's being affected by the curse is still debated. Many claim that St. John now makes his living by riding a different kind of Zord, as it is rumored that he does work for the popular gay porn site Sean Cody. It's not known for sure whether this is St. John or a look alike, but after years of rejected sexual advances at his fellow female rangers, it isn't a stretch to imagine.

Valerie Ann Vernon

(born October 5, 1974 in Los Angeles, California) better know as Kendrix Morgan, the Pink Ranger on Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy. The Curse hit Vernon while she was still on the show as a diagnosis of Lukemia. It is speculated that Vernon may have known about the curse, because she stopped acting shortly after the diagnosis, and thanks to distancing herself from the show has been able to recover.

Machiko Soga

(born March 18, 1938) played the seductively psychotic villain, Rita Repulsa. The Curse seemed to come in the form of divine punishment for Soga's many villainous deeds while on the show, as she died of pancreatic cancer in Tokyo, Japan on May 7, 2006. This just goes to show that world domination never pays.

Skylar James Deleon

(born August 12, 1979) is a prime example of the reach of the Curse. Deleon had a minor, non-speaking role and still couldn't escape. After appearing on Power Rangers, Deleon's acting career began to falter, which logically lead him to a life of crime. The end result of this was Deleon boarding a yacht, gagging the couple that owned it, tying them to an anchor, and throwing them overboard, killing them both. In Deleon's defense, there has been speculation that the couple were agents of Lord Zedd plotting to destroy the city. Why this solid defense was not used in his trialis a mystery, and he was convicted of murder. While awaiting trial, Deleon crumbled under the pressure of prison life and did what any rational man would do, tried to cut off his penis with a razor blade, but sadly he was unsuccessful.


These are only the most extreme cases of the Power Rangers Curse. It can be said that all actors are affected by it in the form of the death of their acting careers and the knowledge that they are doomed to a life as nothing more than washed up novelties from a 90's fad.

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