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There once was a king who had a daughter named Psyche. She was said to be more beautiful than even Venus (Oooh! Sign me up for that...). In fact, the people thought she was so beautiful that thy worshiped her and not Venus! Now the Goddess of Love is a jealous soul, and she called up her son Cupid(also known as Amor) and asked him to cause her to fall in love with the worst person on Earth. Well when Cupid caught sight of Psyche, he fell maddly in love with her. His mom didn't notice (she was still fuming with rage) and sent him off.

Her plan backfired and Psyche doesn't fall in love at all! Cupid goes to Apollo, who was quite wise, nd related his situation to him. Apollo then told Psyche's dad to take her to a hill where a huge winged serpent would marry her. The king did so sadly. The wind Zephyr carried Psyche up to a mansion in the skies where she got the four star treatment, and then she was returned to the Earth. The next day the same happened, but she demanded to see her lover's face, frightened that one who didn't would be hideous. He told her no, but when he had gone to bed, Psyche lit a lamp and tip-toed into her lovers bedroom. To her suprise, it was no monster, but the God of Love himself! Heartbroken that the one he loved could not trust him, Cupid ran away.

Psyche kicked herself for being so stupid and tried to find away to see Cupid again. Then she finnaly decided. She would go to Venus and beg to let her see him again. Venus was delighted with this turn of events and used it to try and humiliate Psyche. First she made her sort a bowl of tiny seed before sundown. A seemingly impossible task, but Psyche did it with the assistance of some ants. Then she was told that she had to get a gold fleece from a pack of wild sheep, which managed to do without getting mauled. Finnaly, to placate Venus's vanity, Psyche had to decend into the Underworld and fill a box with Proserpine's beauty. With the help of a watchman and the Queen of the Dead herself, Psyche accomplished this, but temptation got the best of her and she opened the box, causing her to fall asleep. Cupid saw her lying fast asleep in the road and woke her up. They took the box the Venus together, and Cupid asked Jupiter if he and Psyche could marry. Jupiter considered this and agreed. Psyche was granted immortality, and Love and Soul were united forever.

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