The Bus Driver’s Prayer – Anonymous, UK

Our Farnham, who art in Hendon, Harrow be Thy name. Thy Kingston come; thy Wimbledon, In Erith as it is in Hendon. Give us this day our daily Brent And forgive us our Westminster As we forgive those who Westminster against us. And lead us not into Thames Ditton But deliver us from Yeovil For Thine is the Kingston, the Purley and the Crawley For Esher and Esher, Crouch End.

As Recited on Radio Cuba - Apolinar Hernandez*

Our Father, who is Fidel, who is with us sinners, free us from the power of Pontius Pilate, who is Lyndon Johnson, and from imperialism. Viva Communism, viva Fidel; he is in the fore, and we behind him. We must always be at his side. Amen.

Distributed in West German Protestant Churches by Leftist Students (1968)*

Our capital, which art in the West, amortized be thy investments; Thy profits come, Thy interest rise, in Wall Street as it does in Europe; Give us this day our turnover, and extend to us our credit, As we extend it to our debtors; Lead us not into bankruptcy, But deliver us from trade unions, For thine is half the world, The power and riches for the last 200 years. Mammon.

A Prayer for Sauce - Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Give us this day our daily bread at least three times a day and lead us not into temptation too often on weekdays but deliver us from evil, whose presence remains unexplained in thy Kingdom of Power and Glory, oh man.

Independent People – Halldor Laxness

Our Father, which art in Heaven, yes, so infinitely far away that no one knows where You are, almost nowhere, give us this day just a few crumbs to eat in the name of Thy Glory and forgive us if we can’t pay the dealer and our creditors and let us not, above all, be tempted to be happy, for Thine is the Kingdom…

Molloy – Samuel Beckett

And I recited the pretty quietist Pater, Our Father who art no more in heaven than on earth or in hell, I neither want nor desire that thy name be hallowed, thou knowest best what suits thee. Etc. The middle and the end are very pretty.

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place – Ernest Hemingway

Some lived in it and never felt it but he knew it all was nada y pues nada y nada y pues nada. Our nada who art in nada, nada be thy name thy kingdom nada thy will be nada in nada as it is in nada. Give us this nada our daily nada and nada us our nada as we nada our nadas and nada us not into nada but deliver us from nada; pues nada. Hail nothing full of nothing, nothing is with thee.

* Bitter Parody, Time Magazine, February 1968 ([

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