an entry in OLA Scary Story Contest 2000

The Little Girl That Had Been Dead For A Hundred Years
by Katie P., age seven

Once upon time there was a girl named Alley who was walking home from school and she felt something touch her on the shoulder. She looked behind her but there was no one there. She kept walking toward home and then she felt it again. Just about when she walked into her house she saw another house she wanted to go inside but it wasn't hers. She thought she saw something. It was a little girl running into the house. She wondered why she would be running into the house especially since she had no legs. She wasn't running she was flying!

Then Alley ran into the house too. She looked up but was nothing there. She looked down. She looked around. But still there was nothing there. She felt something touch her on the shoulder again. She looked up and saw a big ghost. She screamed. The ghost screamed. Then ghost said BOO! Alley was scared and she ran out of the house. She ran to her home and to her room and was glad to be safe. She looked out her window at the other house and saw it was a little girl that was on a trampoline bouncing up and down making funny faces. It was the girl had been dead for a hundred years!

Alley never saw her again after that. And she never went into another house again.


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