In Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, Baby Jane Hudson is an aging child actress and there's a scene with Jane in an ad clerk's office.

Clerk: Who's this ad for, ma'am.

Jane: Well, for me.

Clerk: Yeah, but what's your name.

Jane: Jane. Hudson. Maybe you remember me. I'm Baby Jane Hudson.



No one there has a clue what she's talking about.

Who the hell is Baby Jane Hudson, the ad clerk asks once she's gone.

For Jane, the memory's fresh as a dew-covered rose, and it's more than a memory, really. We all live that way to a certain degree, wanting to shine, and be seen.

I was on a city bus one day and a young man boarded. He wore a white turtleneck even though it was warm, and sat down beside me like we were old friends.

He talked, about hitchhiking to California after his folks kicked him out and teaching himself to play the guitar and the band he was in until the lead singer went to jail for taking a hammer to an ex-girlfriend's car.

Then he stopped.

Do you know who I am.

No. I'm sorry. I don't.

He smiled.

I was the King Cotton Kid. 

King Cotton Meats was founded by Nat Buring in Memphis, TN, over seventy years ago. King Cotton distributed its products from Cape Giradeau, MS, to New Orleans, LA, but its advertising dollars were spent largely in Memphis.

At one time, King Cotton commercials had indeed featured Buring's grandson as “The King Cotton Kid.”

All kids love King Cotton, 'cause King Cotton loves kids. 

 I remembered.

Yeah, he said. That was me.

The bus came to my stop.

Nice to meet you, I said, a stranger again.  

We live more like a memories, really.

He walked into my world as I walked out of his, wanting to shine and be seen. 

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