Excrutiatingly bad and puerile (yet perversely watchable) 1980's sketch show. Featured heavy use of chromakey and other visual effects, animated shorts, music from the pop sensations of the day, and scantily clad women. Introduced the characters Sid Snot and Cupid Stunt among others. Written by Kenny Everett and Barry Cryer. Some of the sketches are so bizarre as to defy lucid description (e.g. an immensely fat Batman flying through the air, then landing in a gent's lavatory and relieving himself. No punchline. WTF?). Was parodied by Harry Enfield ("the Dave Nice Video Show") which insinuated that Everett's comedy was racist and sexist, and that it relied entirely on formulaic characters. Totally unlike Enfield's "innovative" and "hilarious" (note : sarcasm) work then?

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