Our divorce is final in 2007.

My EX immediately leaves for Colorado. He returns to a friend's house. The friend brings him a latte in bed in the morning. I am running around with a full time job, a fourteen year old and a nine year old and trying to figure out nights on call.

My EX promptly starts school and finishes the prerequisites for nursing school. "I've heard so much about medicine for the last fourteen years that I might as well," he says cheerfully . He calls the kids almost every night, about 5 out of 7.

He starts nursing school and then starts testing me. "Ok, what are the piloerectors?" he says.

I think about that one. I don't exactly remember, but I do know that there is a skin condition that uses the prefix pilo. Keratosis pilaris. "I think they are the muscles that make the hairs on your arms stand up." I say thoughtfully.

"Damn." he says, "You really know your stuff."

"Well, yeah," I say, "Are you surprised?" But I am sort of pleased at the compliment.

He goes on testing me, but he can't stump me. He doesn't see the kids for a year, but he stays in close contact. And I am pleased about that too, because I didn't know what he would do.

Over the Rhine: Let if fall

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