The dust has settled, the world has gotten over its initial shock, and it truly is starting to dawn. Hillary Clinton has conceded, and Donald Trump is the President Delegate.

Almost immediately, there was backlash.

The narrative just before the election was that "if Clinton supporters lose, well, they'll be sad but golly gosh, we're really worried about the possibility of violence if the Trump side loses." And millennial third wave feminist Laci Green tweeted:

"Regardless of the outcome, we are clearly a *deeply* divided and broken country. So much work ahead to mend, heal, and restore the U in USA."

Of course, this was the neo-left's "good game, good game" smug speech... once it was clear she lost, the same Laci Green tweeted:

"We are now under total Republican rule. Textbook fascism. Fuck you, white America. Fuck you, you racist, misogynist pieces of shit. G'night."

Mending, healing words, I'm sure.

Reddit put up a subreddit to capture the "best of" angry reactions from "Trump losers" and called it "The Meltdown". It rapidly became full of stuff like Laci Green's rant. And Miley Cyrus' tearful wailing. For the record none of the celebrities who vowed they were going to up and move if Trump won have done so. We still have Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer (who was only joking!) and Kanye West. Most have bended the knee and congratulated the winner. As Bill Burr said, "yeah right, like you were gonna move from Malibu to Manitoba."

And that's about the same time Portland, Oregon caught fire. But it wasn't the Trump side. No, the serious levels of violence came from the left.

As did New York City. The riots started almost immediately. Atlanta, Georgia waited until Veteran's Day to choke the streets angrily, but in the most liberal enclaves, the destruction started almost immediately. One protestor in Portland did $200,000 in damage to a car dealership alone. An old man holding a flag was beaten by a young mask wearing protestor, and a white man was dragged down by a black mob and savagely beaten because they believed he'd voted for Trump. YouTube made every attempt to censor the whole thing but the battle between the tech darlings and the 4chan mob reposting it was won by 4chan and the message was out there long enough for news networks to retrieve and report on it.

The cities were calling for an immediate end to the electoral college - thinking that a petition is what's required to produce a constitutional amendment. Because they pulled out the same logic they did when Al Gore lost to George W. Bush - "but she won the popular vote". It's a ridiculous argument anyway - because even if a few cities suddenly got more sway than the entire rest of the country, it's not as if the Trump camp would have campaigned the same way.

The progressive left has been galvanized. There's a call to completely gut the DNC and start over again. Howard Dean has thrown his hat in the ring, but is getting stiff opposition from people saying that's just more of the same cancer that led to Trump in the first place. If there's one silver lining in this - a lot of people are going and taking the civics lessons that they should have taken all along, and people who would otherwise not have bothered with politics are seriously considering running for local races and then leveling up.

Meanwhile, something very quietly interesting is happening on the right.

The link on Trump's campaign site talking about his plan for Muslims.... disappeared. Van Jones, crying on election night saying that the whole thing was a "whitelash" - is now saying "I want to say, the past 36 hours, you could not script a better human being than Donald Trump has been... he has been spectacular." Trump is starting to show his "true" face, and it's far more classy and gracious than we expected. His first picks for his staff were a woman, a gay man, and a black man - so so much for the accusations of racism, sexism and homophobia.

And all the prognostications of the newsmakers proved to be wrong. Never mind their prediction of a Clinton landslide didn't happen -the markets didn't collapse: they're up 400 points. The liberals online I saw crowing with glee at a 700 point drop during the election were angry to see not only the market regain the loss the next day, but end higher, in record highs. In the first 48 hours, Syria sued for peace. As did Russia. The two biggest worries we had in terms of new wars have just announced with happiness and praise that they look forward to working together with us.

The news and its talking heads were the big loser here. They were wrong. They were spectacularly wrong. Regardless of damage control, we saw them try to script an outcome and bet the farm on it. And when people quietly went against their script, their integrity in terms of being able to find out what was going on was totally shot, as was their second duty, which is to "shape" public opinion.

What really, REALLY took it on the chin is the whole social justice warrior/special snowflake crybully culture online and in universities. Jonathan Pie wrote a completely SCATHING excoriation of the culture, (which is well worth watching RIGHT NOW before continuing to read this) and blaming it directly for Clinton's loss. Because what in essence happened in the end was that the polls were so wrong because people had become conditioned to hiding what they really thought. As Pie's rant notices, you can't call someone a basket of deplorables and not expect them to respond the way they did - nor can you follow someone into a voting booth and hector them and cost them their job for pulling a lever, whose result you can't police.

And not only were there absolutely deplorable scenes of late 20-something, early 30something millennials sobbing and falling on the ground and pounding their fists on the ground in a literal tantrum because they didn't for once get what they wanted - that behavior was mirrored all the up the chain to Hillary, who was apparently too drunk and incoherent and raging to be put in front of a crowd. The man on the street looked at all this and said, "My God. These people are literally unprepared for life." It was openly mocked that many universities - especially the gender studies and humanities departments - cancelled lectures and exams and offered support services for those too traumatized to deal with their disappointment and attend a higher faculty of learning, out of fear for their physical and mental safety. The President of the Oklahoma Wesleyan University finally had enough and had the courage to shout across the entire news wire, "we're running a university, not a day care!"

It looks like America is maturing enough to look at the larger issues. Right now, in 29 states, the best job a person who didn't have the resources to attend university can get is... truck driver. Something which the Elon Musks of this world are automating away as we speak. Sure, we might get some men back down in the mines and might bring some manufacturing jobs back - but we're starting to look at the fact that not everyone can own a Facebook - there HAS to be a LIVING WAGE job for most of America. 

But it has to get past the immediate violence and recrimination first. That seems to be slowly happening.

But what's happening with the discredited Clintons? Hillary was spotted hiking and walking the dog, in a picture posted to social media from a young woman carrying a baby smilingly greeting the Secretary of State. Except that the young woman was a Clinton staffer, and the picture was staged. 

They're still campaigning.

Because quietly, in the background, Chelsea Clinton is prepping a Senate run. Looks like the Clinton money machine and influence peddling racket has passed the torch to its daughter. 

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