The second album by industrial-tinged hardcore rockers Spineshank. It shows great improvement over their last album, Strictly Diesel, which the band described as "derivative metal created in a drunken haze". This record contains a lot more driving guitar, melodic choruses, a shitload of throaty screaming, and some great computer effects to spice up the cyber-hell scenery.

The track listing is as follows:

01. Asthmatic
02. The Height of Callousness
03. Synthetic
04. New Disease
05. (Can't Be) Fixed
06. Cyanide 26000
07. Playgod
08. Malnutrition
09. Seamless
10. Negative Space
11. Transparent

The music is definitely not for anyone, since it seems to take aggression to a whole new level. (Think Slipknot without the masks, and throw in a bit of Fear Factory for good measure.)

I personally think they rock, but I'm consistently downvoted by my friends, who'd rather listen to Slipknot and Deftones.

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