an entry in OLA Scary Story Contest 2000

The Haunted camping Trip
by Patrick, age seven

On Halloween my seven friend's and me went on a camping trip. Mom said, "Be carefull!" and we drove 15 miles to get to the camping ground.

When we got there we set up our tents and started a fire.

Then Tom said  "Hey I think I hear someone coming."   We all listened. I said   "Yes. There's someone coming."   And suddenly out of the woods came two bloody red eyes.

And they disappeared as quick as lightning. They went into the woods and tried to find it in 5 hours. They found a Mansion with 1 little light in the top middle window. We went in. Sam said   "Wow this place mist have been built for spidder webs."   In that one little room was two bloody red eyes. Closer! and there was a 10 year-old-boy. He said   "My name is Pat there was a... tale of a monster with bloody red eyes. So I tried to scare everyone here."   I said   "Well you did a pretty good job on us."   so we became friends. He said he did'nt have a home so we said he could live with us. He said   "Great so now I can have a home."   Jason said   "you can live with us."   I forgot to say at the first line that we lived together.

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