Mari de la coiffeuse, Le

A 1990 French Film that is a story about the enduring and passionate love between, well, the hairdresser and her husband. It's a little misleading in the beginning, for it's more of a look at an obsession by a young boy about his female barber, or hairdresser. He looks forward to each haircut because he loves her smell, her hands, her touch; everything about her. When asked at the dinner table by his father, what will he do when he grows up, he replies, " I will marry my hairdresser."

And he does. Not the same one obviously, but one who attracts him for the same reasons as before, besides the fact that she is incredibly beautiful. (Yes, I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I dare you to differ with this perspective.)The husband (Antoine) is played by Jean Rochefort and the wife and hairdresser (Mathilde), by Anna Galiena. Patrice Leconte directs this quirky love story that you won't soon forget, even with an ending you may not totally agree with. Their passionate relationship is one easily admired for it is pure amour with no instances of jealousy or bitterness to be found; just pure unadulterated joy and bliss. And the husband, who is as adorable as she, will win you over with his improvisational dances to Arabic music, an act which will bring you to tears of laughter, I guarantee.

This is a film I passed by, way too many times without renting, and now , one I enjoy so much, I must own.


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