Smashing Pumpkins Interview CD, Recorded in June of 1993 in England on Regis and Kathy Lee.

Named after Billy Corgan's response when asked how he felt about critics' predictions that Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness would be the big album of 1995:
"(I'm) scared... because I don’t trust journalists. First of all people are always trying to pick the album of the year, and how often does somebody come out of nowhere and surprise the fuck outta everybody. We won debut album of the year in College Music Journal, and most people didn’t know who the fuck we were. And nobody predicted we’d make this great album. So that kind of talk scares me, it really does. I’ll feel better when the album goes out and the reviews come in. Did you ever see Charlie Brown, the Great Pumpkin Cartoon?... Well the basic story is that the great pumpkin is suppose to come on Halloween and make everybody’s Halloween great. So all the kids go outside to the pumpkin patch and wait for the great pumpkin, and it never arrives, and everybody is disappointed. We’re going to be ‘The Great Pumpkin That Never Arrived.’"

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