An outdoor concert venue right outside of George, Washington (yes, there really is a town called George, Washington), about halfway between Seattle and Spokane (for those geographically challenged, that places it in the north-center of the state, more or less).

Voted among musicians to be their favorite outdoor venue both because of the acoustic quality (which is amazing) and the beautiful scenery. The Dave Matthews Band unanimously voted it their favorite outdoor venue in the world, overcoming even Red Rocks.

A nickname for the vicious death trap which is the Postenkill Gorge, in Troy, NY. A natural waterfall on the Postenkill creek, it seems to subsist on people who don't know that you should not try to climb wet, loose shale without equipment and training (perhaps not even then).

Like flypaper, the Gorge deviously lures multitudes of RPI students and other locals each summer into its gaping maw, requiring emergency services to come and perform various daring rescues.

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