T h e y F l o w F r o m T h e A i s les; A mighty T o r rent. They burst With hate; He has stol’n their sacrament. The doomed man smiles As his robe from him is rent. T h e God less Mar tyr; And so The new C h r ist’s L i f e i s S p e n t.

For Michel Mourre, one of the bravest atheists in history, who had the courage to deliver this speech at Notre Dame before 10,000 Christians:
"Today Easter Day of the Holy Year here under the emblem of Notre Dame of Paris I accuse the universal Catholic Church of the lethal diversion of our living strength toward an empty heaven I accuse the Catholic Church of swindling I accuse the Catholic Church of infecting the world with its funereal morality of being the running sore on the decomposed body of the West Verily I say unto you: God is dead We vomit the agonizing inspidity of your prayers for your prayers have been the greasy smoke over the battlefields of our Europe Go forth then into the tragic and exalting desert of a world where God is dead and till this earth anew with your bare hands with your PROUD hands with your unpraying hands Today Easter day of the Holy Year Here under the emblem of Notre Dame of France we proclaim the death of the Christ-god, so that Man may live at last."

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