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You can see her looking at you. Her reddish-brown hair is glinting in the bright March sunlight. She starts walking towards you, her long sapphire blue skirt swishing around her long legs. You have to do it.

It's pointless to resist.

She stops right in front of you, her painted blood red lips curved into a smile. She surveys you carefully, her eyes crinkled in a smothered laugh.

It's pointless to resist.

She starts to talk to you. But you have to do it. You have to break up with her.
"Love! I've been looking all over for you!"

It's pointless...

You mutter a greeting, your face turning a blazing, fire-engine red. She comes even closer, and slips her arms around your neck. Before you understand the messages your brain is trying to send you, she's kissing you, passionately, romantically. resist

You pull back. You have to tell her that it's over. You look into her eyes... and falter. Her slate grey eyes are pleading, vulnerable. Those eyes send out a message that you are needed.
God, you hate her. But you love her too. But this relationship has to end. You're leaving for Europe soon and a long distance relationship will never work.

It's pointless to resist.

She takes you by the hand, and starts to lead you away. You wrench out of her grip. Her smile fades. She sticks out her left hip and pouts.

"What's the matter?"
You can't even form a sentence. She's so transfixing. You love her so much. But it HAS to end. She takes you by the hand and starts to lead you away again.

Then, something gives up in your brain.
Oh, what the hell. You'll just break up with her tomorrow. Or next week. Or maybe even next month. Perhaps on the night before you leave... in four months' time.


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